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Design and development of web applications from small to large scale with the newest technologies available.


Design and development of cross-platform Mobile Apps (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) using Xamarin technologies.


Development of web services and web API's for integrating existing business services and applications.


Design and development of software architectures for complex and demanding applications.


fivenine designs and develops Mobile Apps, web API's and web applications

Cross-platform Mobile Apps

We are experts in developing cross-platform applications with Xamarin. iOS, Android or Windows Phone, today an app has to be available on every platform. We provide more for less, by leveraging the latest technologies in native-platform independent development.

  • Platform independent by design
  • 80% of the app-code is reusable on all platforms
  • Native UI, native API access, and native performance

Web applications and web API's

We design and develop customized, browser-based solutions tailored to your specific requirements.
We help integrating your web applications into existing systems and services through customized and powerful web API's.

  • Platform independent
  • No client side software installation required
  • Simple maintenance and extensibility

Agile Development

By means of agile development methods, we continuously get your feedback and ensure it fits your needs. Wherever this may lead, we are with you to ensure the desired outcome.

Open Source Technologies

In addition to using open source technologies, we are actively participating in the development and improvement.


Your business data is safe with us. We are using on-premise solutions for development and storage of your data.

We are a member of:

Swiss Made Software


Some of our clients
Qnnect Solutions AG
Supercomputing Systems

Y&R Group Switzerland
DU DA Group


Michael Hoehn

Michael Hoehn


Michael worked for 15 years as a web and multimedia developer for Y&R Group Switzerland. During this time he developed projects for national and international clients such as Coop, Migros, IWC, Geberit, Audi, Ford, Microsoft and many more. His main interest lies in the implementation of complex projects with a focus on animation and interaction. In addition to his work he studied computer science at the ZHAW in Zürich and completed his studies with a Bachelor of Science in computer science ZFH degree.

Tobias Herrmann

Tobias Herrmann


Tobias worked over 13 years as a software developer for the Tecan Switzerland AG. During this time, he designed and developed applications for the clinical diagnostic market. In addition to the development of clinical platform software Tecan instruments, he also worked on solutions for OEM customers such as Siemens and Dako (Agilent Technologies). In addition to software development also included the technical management and the software architecture to Tobias tasks. In addition, he completed a part-time bachelor degree (BSc ZFH) program in computer science at the ZHAW in Zürich. During his studies, he became increasingly interested in the development of mobile applications with the Xamarin framework and had the opportunity to get to know this new technology based on academic and private projects and broaden his expertise.

Jan Humbel

Jan Humbel


Jan improved his knowledge and experience as a system administrator during his four years at a Swiss SMEs. In addition to his Bachelor of Science in computer science ZFH, he has evolved during further 3 years in the field of software development. At Supercomputing Systems AG, he was working on various projects from industry, the media and public transport. With its broad experience in software and systems engineering, as well as wide range of customer projects Jan knows the importance of the individual customer needs.



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